Get to Know You

  • We listen to your story and understand your financial situation

  • Answer your questions about EPM Financial and our core values 

  • Lay the path for moving forward

Create a Plan

  • Create your long term financial road map 

  • Recommend portfolio allocations

  • Educate you and ensure you’re confident in your investment strategy 

  • Review your holistic financial picture & make adjustments if necessary

Understand Your Goals

  • Learn what matters most to you  (retirement, education, business, etc.) 

  • Assess your risk tolerance 

  • Discuss potential solutions for your specific financial situation


  • Transition any existing accounts from other locations

  • Build your diversified investment portfolio 

  • Provide online access to Account View  and other resources



  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and management 

  • Periodic reviews throughout the year

  • Provide strategic recommendations when making large financial decisions (large purchases, tuition, tax implications, etc.)


Get to Know You 

Understand Your Goals

Create a Plan




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