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Ethan Campbell

Wealth Advisor - Woodbury, TN Affiliate

Ethan’s roots run deep in Cannon County, where his family has flourished for nine generations. Growing up surrounded by the warmth and strength of his community, Ethan developed a deep-seated passion for helping individuals and families in Woodbury and Cannon County navigate their financial journeys. 


Drawing from his own experiences and heritage, Ethan believes in the power of strategic financial planning to grow assets, mitigate risk, and create a lifelong roadmap that instills confidence in every step. His dedication extends beyond individuals to the heart of local businesses, knowing that their prosperity today shapes the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. A proud 2012 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Ethan’s journey from wealth advisor at Edward Jones to founding Stones River Wealth Management has been driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those around him. 


Beyond his professional endeavors, Ethan finds true fulfillment in family life. He and his wife, Katie, along with their adventurous son Wyatt and spirited daughter Claire, cherish their home in Christiana, Tennessee. These cherished moments with loved ones fuel Ethan’s commitment to not only financial well-being but also to the enduring strength and growth of his community.

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